ABD Temsilciler Meclisine Mektup – 2007

Dear Colleague ,

First of all I would like to express my most sincere congratulations upon your election as the member of the United States House of Representatives  in the Congress Elections.

As you know the attempts of making the unreal assertions a current issue is being repeated again. I would like to express you our opinion about these attempts.The provocation of the political attitude being conducted by fanatic organizations for years on the basis of unilateral, racist and unreal claims, is affecting our friendly relations with our neighbors which we take pains to foster.
Particularly, the fact that historical events are represented with not only an unscientific but also a unilateral point of view and that they are turned into campaigns which totally target the social values of our country is a misfortune for the international diplomacy of our world seeking peace and compromise.

On the other hand, those unreal claims, which are being tried to be guided with racist lobby work, bear prejudices that are essentially uncompromising and have controversial aspects. The ongoing claims have been and are still being proved again and again by scientists to be false, unilateral, based on falsifications and incomplete narrations.

Besides, it is a must that the targets of Armenian origin terrorist groups which marked 70’s and 80’s as a ring of global terror and caused the death of many civilians should be taken into consideration. Within this framework, the argument of genocide which is taken as the main criteria in this ideology in which hostile as much as obsessive motives are tried to be created include important historical details conflicting and even not coinciding with the meanings included by the articles of the United Nations’ “Convention on the Prevention and the Punishment of the Genocide Crime” of 1948.

Also it is our greatest hope that we can display resistance against the fanatic campaigns depending on one sided comments concerning the disputable events which the history and archives open to research also reject. As a matter of fact, it is obvious that Turkey is aware of its universal responsibility in its share in interpreting the facts of the history and humanity in a correct way and discussing them in the required expertly manner. On the other hand getting the history away from what has been lived in reality and thus, any kind of tendency towards politicization will enable to mix what is claimed with the facts.

Thus, we hope that you share our sensitivity for the interpretation of the historical arguments by basing them on scientific and realistic proof in a clear way and we wish that the objective and prudent attitude in your decisions will continue without being under influence by being clear of the prejudiced and racial rhetoric.
The Association of the Turkish Parliamentarians